About the company

Costa Sul has been active for 27 years in the fish market and has constantly invested in quality, technology and human resources. Diverse types of fish are handled daily in its industrial facilities in Navegantes, Santa Catarina. 

Its facilities include 16,500 m² of constructed area with high technology and then followed up with investments in its industrial facilities. It has its own dock, where all the raw material arrives. The fish, crustaceans and mollusks are washed and inspected and pass through a rigorous selection process. 

Currently the company has freezing tunnels with 5.000 tons of capacity. Its structure is composed of a team of professionals with vast technical and commercial experience in the fishing segment and industrial facilities prepared to fully meet the needs of the domestic and foreign market; consequently, the company is qualified to export to various countries of Europe, Asia and North America.

Our Mission

To fully satisfy customer needs, offering quality seafood products in an efficient manner.